Pigments and Fillers

raw material description used as application
Titanium Dioxide (Titanium White, TiO2) Inorganic pigment made from rutile ore. It has high index of refraction, absorbs UV radiation, is non-toxic and chemically passive.
Titanium dioxide content 94%-95%
pigment paints, coatings, plastics
Aluminium Hydroxide (Al(OH)3) White or yellowish powder which has very wide range of applications. Main use in plastics industry is as filler and fire retardant / smoke suppresant. Available in variety of particle sizes to suit specific applications.
Al(OH)3 content > 99%, Al2O3 content > 64%, loss on ignition > 34%
filler, fire retardant, smoke suppresant plastics, paints, coatings, detergents
Calcined kaolin (aluminium silicate) Calcined or dehydrated kaolin when used as filler in paint production allows significant saving of white (TiO2) or color pigment. It has good chemical and temperature resistance, as well as high brightness and whiteness.
We offer calcined kaolin with range of whiteness from 87% to 98%;
Composition ranges:
SiO2       Al2O3       Fe2O3     TiO2
58-50%  37-47%  0,9-0,4%  0,3-0,6%
filler paints, plastics, rubber, paper
Hydrous kaolin (aluminium hydrosilicate) Natural kaolin is used as a filler for its barrier and strengthening properties. It is also used as clay in ceramics production and in blue pigment production.
We offer hydrous kaolin types with whiteness ranging 86-91% and chemical composition ranging:
Al2O3         SiO2          Fe2O3
33-37%     48-52%     0,65-1,1%
filler, clay rubber, plastics, paper, ceramics, glazes
Urea (Carbamide, CO(NH2)2) pigment base paints
Aluminium paste paints